Who Is Anny Blatt?

Anny Blatt was one of the most celebrated French clothing designers, with a reputation that began in the 1920s as a peer of Chanel, Lanvin, Patou, Dior, and Balenciaga. Her first knitwear studio was in Deauville, relocating to Paris in 1933.

Anny’s keen sense of color and on-point fiber selections made her an instant hit with her elegant clientele, people of sophistication who appreciated the finer details in her dresses, sweaters, twin sets and beach wear.

Her successful design career continued for decades and in 1968, Hervillier, a French spinning mill specializing in premier brushed mohair and other prestigious yarns, purchased the rights to her name, which has now become synonymous with fine yarns for hand knitters.

Pierre de Loye purchased Anny Blatt in 1991. Today, the factory and mill are located in Serignan du Comtat in beautiful Provence.

Anny Blatt and Bouton d’Or luxury wool, angora, silk, alpaca and mohair fibers continue to be dyed and milled with meticulous attention to detail.